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Sheena Bora case: CBI seeks time to respond on wish of indicted to …

Sheena Bora case, Sheena Bora murder case, Indrani Mukerjea, Indrani Mukerjea. (Express Photo)

THE Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has sought some-more time to respond to a focus filed by primary indicted Indrani Mukerjea’s former motorist Shyamvar Rai to spin approver in a Sheena Bora murder case.

On May 10, when Rai was constructed before a special CBI court, he had voiced his enterprise to spin an approver observant he wanted to “disclose all truths” in a murder conspiracy. The CBI told a justice Tuesday that they compulsory some-more time to arrive during a preference on either Rai could be done an approver in a case.


According to a authorised expert, one of a indicted is customarily incited into an approver in rapist cases to strengthen a prosecution’s box opposite a other accused. Rai has already done a confessional matter before a justice underneath Section 164 of a Criminal Procedure Code, that can also be used as justification during a trial. If a CBI agrees to make him an approver, another matter of Rai would be recorded. The counterclaim could indicate out any noted improvements done by Rai in a second statement, that would also be available before a judge, a consultant said.

Special Judge H S Mahajan postulated an prolongation compartment Jun 6 to a CBI to record a reply, while also fluctuating a authorised control of all 4 indicted — Indrani, her father Peter Mukerjea, her former father Sanjeev Khanna and Rai. The justice will pass a sequence on a bail focus of Peter Mukerjea on Apr 23.


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