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Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Honeymoon in Bora Bora: See a …

Vanderpump Rules?

More like going on a honeymoon to a pleasant plcae manners for Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz right about now!

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Honeymoon Photo

The reality stars got married progressing this month in Northern California, about 8 months after they got engaged.

And after exchanging vows in front of family members and friends, Maloney and Schwartz exchanged a few corporeal fluids in their honeymoon.

In Bora Bora!

The newlyweds took off for a Indonesian island final weekend and have been happily pity pleasing images from their vacation on Instagram ever since. 

There’s a one featured above, of course, that facilities both stars and H2O than is bluer than we even knew was possible.

Then there’s one of Tom station by himself:

Tom Schwartz on His Honeymoon

Maloney wrote as a heading to this one:

“My father is looking ffhhhiiiiiiiiinnee!! Honeymooning with my bubba adore is dreamy.”

In another amicable media post, Maloney joked about “a small fishy” – also famous as Schwartz wearing flippers – swimming underneath their bungalow.

Yes, they are staying in a bungalow on a water.

Life ain’t unfair during a impulse for Katie and Tom.


Impressively enough, Tom and Katie even managed to get a block in while on their honeymoon.

“Bora Bora looks generally pleasing by a lenses of these sunnies,” Katie wrote as a heading during one point, adding:

” @diffeyewear is partners with Eyes on Africa so with each span of sunglasses sole they present a span of reading eyeglasses to someone in need.

“You can demeanour as lovable and cheesy as of yet regulating a formula TOMANDKATIE and get 25% off! Woohooo.”

Those who watch Vanderpump Rules online have expected seen a dual shill for products on a uncover as well.

Schwartz was during it again after dinner, posting a following design on Instagram and essay a heading along with it that we’re guessing resulted in a giveaway dish for a couple.

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz during Dinner

“I’m no foody yet but a doubt, only had a best dish of my life,” he penned.

“Thank we #lavillamahana for a universe category knowledge and appreciate we for @revel9 for environment it adult and holding caring of us #borabora.”

Hey, we’re not judging!

If we could be comped cooking only by pity a print and essay some good difference online, we’d totally do it.

Not certain if we’d invite Stassi Schroede along on a honeymoon, though.

Yup, she apparently crashed a pleasing party, as evidenced by a following photo:

Stassi Schroeder in Bora Bora

“She was unhappy so she came to Bora Bora,” joked Maloney as a caption.

We’re guessing her mascara is indeed using since Stassi only went swimming.

Maybe Tom and Katie can entice a THG staff along on their subsequent trip. Pretty please!

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