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A Private-Island Retreat Off Bora Bora Owned by Beauty Guru …

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Location: Bora Bora, Tahiti

Price: $50 million

Private-island vital has a perks: no loud neighbors (other than a calls of inland wildlife), space to widespread out, and a personal beach right in your backyard—so primary chair space is always guaranteed.

This pleasant shelter is a kind of oasis illusory in a very good dream.  It’s been owned by beauty guru François Nars given 2000 and was also home to French frigid path-finder Paul-Emile Victor, who bought it in 1965 and, along with his wife, was a initial inhabitant.

Known as Motu Tane (which in Tahitian translates to “Man’s Island”), a skill encompasses roughly 10 acres of sandy beach, pleasant foliage, and coconut groves—all set opposite plateau etched in a background. “This island possesses, but question, one of a many fantastic beaches on Bora Bora,” says inventory representative Jacques Menahem of French Polynesia Sotheby’s International Realty.

Constructed 10 years ago, and on a marketplace for a final dual years, Motu Tane consists of normal thatched-roof Polynesian huts or “fares” comprising a categorical skill and 9 eccentric beach bungalows that nap adult to 20 guests.

Showcasing a local island feel that harmonizes with a surroundings, interiors underline a brew of lush outlandish woods, lava stone, coconut palms, and marble.

The Stats

The skill houses 22 apart structures including dual master suites, dual family suites, 9 bungalows, one pavilion with a vital and dining room, a library building, a studio, a chef’s kitchen, and dual staff quarters. There are 13 bedrooms throughout.

The Design Pedigree

Designed by Christian Liaigre, bedrooms are filled with custom-crafted seat done from singular pleasant timber and healthy fabrics. Most bungalows have motorized screens, too, that move a outward in—and can be now sealed In box of extreme winds or pleasant rains.  

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Residing on a remote island can be wily in terms of logistics and simple operations. But not here. “Motu Tane is totally self-sufficient,” says Mr. Menahem. It has a possess water-making facility, energy generator, and wastewater diagnosis center. “Neither a energy disaster on a categorical island, nor a extreme H2O necessity can impact a turn of comfort on Motu,” he says.

Aside from a private beach all around, there’s a newly finished gym housed in a possess building with state-of-the-art practice equipment, an artist studio, as good as a home museum to locate adult on a latest flicks when you’ve had your fill of staring during a lost horizon. The skill also comes with a small fishing vessel for shoal firth waters.

Neighborhood Notes

Located only 10 mins (via boat) from a Island of Bora Bora, a closest neighbors are behind on a mainland.

Listing Agent: Jacques Menahem, French Polynesia Sotheby’s International Realty

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